fluidFOX – the Quick and Clever Online Fluid Analyzer

fluidFox is a multi-parameter online condition monitoring system for lubricating oils. As those carry valuable information in industrial plants, reliably determining their numerous physical properties can contribute to reducing unplanned downtimes and maintenance costs – more effective predictive maintenance is enabled.

The fluidFOX measures the important physical parameters viscosity and density, the electrical properties and the oil moisture. Among the large number of measured parameters, viscosity is of particular importance as it is directly related to the load capacity of the lubricating film. The measuring system also includes precise temperature control in the range of 0-100°C and measures reliably at high hydraulic pressures, whereby all parameters can be determined via temperature and pressure.

architecture of the fluid fox viscosity measurement system

The properties determined with the fluidFOX include:
• viscosity
• mass density
• permittivity, conductivity
• relative oil moisture
• bulk modulus, proportion of dissolved air
• coefficient of thermal expansion
• dew point
• VI index
• viscosity-pressure behavior
• mixing ratios, etc…

There are high demands on online systems in terms of long-term stability, sensitivity and measurement rate. Those are met in this system by the use of durable sensor materials and MicroResonant’s signature sensor evaluation technolog (which is also implemented in our MFA200 universal resonance analyzer).

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The dyn.ex Technology

MicroResonant is proud to have been awarded the “AMA Innovation Award” and the “AMA Special Award for Young Enterprises” in 2020 by the German Association for Sensors and Measurement.

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