Universal Resonance Analyzer MFA200

The MFA200 is a universal, high precision evaluation platform for resonant sensors. It provides an excitation signal generator, a response signal analyzer and a digital signal processing stage extracting the parameters of the resonator from excitation and response signals. The resonator parameters are reported to a PC, where it can be visualized in a graphical user interface and exported to other applications.

The MFA200 utilizes a special resonator tracking mode developed to minimize the impact of disturbances and parasitic influences on the obtained measurement results (patent pending). Furthermore this method suppresses sweeping artifacts as they occur with impedance or network analyzer instruments. With this technology, the resonator behavior is tracked continuously yielding a high measurement repetition rate with minimal noise on the obtained measurement results.

The measurement unit can be used with virtually any type of resonator, independent of its physical implementation. This comprises quartz crystal resonators, mechanical resonators with piezoelectric couplers, electromagnetic resonators, as well as resonators where excitation and readout mechanisms are not the same (e.g. electromagnetically actuated cantilever with optical readout).

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